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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Unplugged unplugging lives of artists

Unplugged has launched a new deal for artist named Artist Developmental Program which is aimed at building a successful career for artists.

They said their goal is to launch artists’ career in four months and help them build a commercially viable brand.

They will work on recordings, photo shoots and videos, facilitating workshops and meetings for artists, not as their final package, but as training for building their own brand and identity.

“Ultimately, you need to walk through the doors that are opened on your own merit.

“Our commitment is to provide the tools for artists to find their version of success as efficiently as possible,” they wrote on their Facebook Page.

They said they want to know what artists have already been doing, what has worked, and where are their roadblocks.  How many songs have they written? How often do they perform? What have they been doing on social media? They want to know it all.

If an artist is selected from pre-application, they will need to do an audition in front of a panel of Unplugged and industry professionals.

If they are selected they will be invited to submit a formal application to join Unplugged for the Artist Development Program.

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