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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

LiveSoul dreams big

LiveSoul on stage
LiveSoul is an emcee/spoken word artist whose main vehicle of expression is Hip-Hop music. His music is an alternative to Hip-Hop/Rap music which is sometimes fused with a bit of Reggae. He hopes to own the means of production and distribution of music, either through royalties or shows.

Besides music, he runs a media production company called Move Afrika which is also Hip-Hop driven.

“We produce multimedia content in the form of short documentaries, podcasts among other things,” said LiveSoul.

He said his inspiration comes from the Creator and the creation that surrounds him.

“I'm inspired by the natural order of life. Seeing how God manifests creativity in all.

“I'm inspired by Poetry, Jazz, and Hip Hop cultures.

“I read a lot of African/black history and culture. I would say my biggest inspiration is Marcus Garvey, his ideas for uplifting black people and what he managed to achieve in his time and beyond,” said LiveSoul.

If an artist can connect to just one person in the audience and give or inspire some sort of upliftment then the artist should feel that the job is done, he added.

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