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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

I never copied, I’m original, critics have hidden agenda: DJ Tamuka

The controversial DJ Tamuka brushed aside speculations that he is imitating beats from West Africa but rather said he is producing beats that mimic the trending songs which will put Zimbabwean music on the map. 

In an inclusive interview, DJ Tamuka told OyOsNews that Afro beats itself is a genre which branches itself into house and dancehall music. He said there are a thousand melodies in the whole world and billions of songs.

“What I’m saying is that we all repeat melodies because they are just a thousand when there are a billion of songs in the world.

“When you make something typical, Zimbabweans have a problem. When you try to emulate an international standard people have a problem with it because they rush to say you copied, someone, I never copied anyone. I just joined an international type of sound that’s actually going to put Zimbabwe on the map,” said DJ Tamuka.

He said he doesn’t think Zimdancehall is going to put Zimbabwe on the international map because it is even termed Zimdancehall, it’s for Zimbabwe only.

“My fight is to put Zimbabwe music on an international market and for us to do that we have to match the standard that is being done by other international artists.

“There is no music industry in Zimbabwe, the only music industry in Africa is in South Africa and Nigeria.

“We cannot bring our local sound to an international scene without tweaking it to be recognized as afrobeat because none will listen to it and that is guaranteed unless you have earned respect like Oliver Mtukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo,” he said.

“People are criticising me have hidden agenda because if you become successful another bitter Zimbabwe artists can do is to destroy someone who is doing bigger things than them so that they get the platform.

“I believe in hard work, if you work harder rather than destroying other people’s careers you can also match up to their level. Any positive movement be it in politics, work or music it does not come easy people will criticize you,” he said.

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