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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Tambaoga alive and kicking

Tambaoga and his Director Peter  Gono Bwanya

Well known for his revolutionary songs, Last Chiangwa aka Tambaoga recently toured OyOsMusic and revealed that he is still going strong as far as his music career is concerned.

He said just like any other profession be it engineering, accounting or music there are ups and downs but he is sure that soon he will get back to where he was before.

“Mvura inoerera ichienda pasi, haiereri ichichenda kumusoro,”said Tambaoga, “Water flows downwards not uphill.” He equates himself with water that has settled. His music gained ground long ago and it only a matter of time he arises and reclaim his position.

He added that his lyrics comes from spirit mediums so when he is quiet it means he has no message to convey.

“I am a messenger of good news between the people of Zimbabwe and their spirits medium.

“My lyrics comes from the spirits medium, I am the mediator between spirit mediums and the people of Zimbabwe. If they are quiet it means I am also quiet,” said Tambaoga.

He believes music is not for competition but it for hope and honour.

He congratulated OyOsMusic for grabbing two awards in one week and commented that they should take a leading role in curbing piracy.

OyOsMusic is a Zimbabwean digital music platform which offers and caters for the locals and Diasporas who are constantly hungry and seeking for home grown music so as to keep in touch with what is trending in Zimbabwean including classic music

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