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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Gospel music consumes the church-Apostle Taurai Murisa

Apostle Taurai Murisa at his homestead 

Apostle Taurai Murisa of the Unshaken Kingdom Church said gospel music has become the modern and fast way of conveying the word of God.

He said it has become a norm for people even congregate not to attend church services but rather substituting it with listening to gospel music.

Apart from being an apostle, he said music is his calling as well and uses it to convey his message that he believes it reaches many people either far or close at once.

“I sing gospel music as part of my calling to my ministry because I believe it is one way of spreading the word of God.

“Some people finds it difficult to attend church sessions so this is another way of helping them listening to the word of God,” said Apostle Murisa.

He said in these modern times, gospel music has become the tool of the word and many pastors and church leaders’ uses it to communicate their messages.

The biggest worry is that some people are becoming lazy to attend church services they just buy their gospel music and play it at home, he said.

“There is a different between attending to a church service and listening to gospel music.

“In a church service preachers preach using expressions for deep understanding while listening to music there is no expression hence little understanding of the word,” said Apostle Murisa.

He has one album to his name and working on another with ten tracks expected to come out in April.
In the first album his message was to create awareness to people to be ready to meet Jesus Christ when he comes back for his saints, he said.  

“The Lord Jesus came to save us and went to prepare a place for us in his father’s house, he shall return for us but only for those prepared for his coming,” emphasised Apostle Murisa.

Apostle Taurai Murisa

He believed the album had a positive impact because he has not been asked for more clarity and that alone shows the message have reached the target without hindrances.

Apostle Murisa does not lead a church but he is an active member of Unshaken Kingdom Church.

For Apostle Murisa’s music can be purchased on OyOsMusic platform by simply visting the website www.oyosmusic.co.zw

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