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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Exposure affecting growth of Afro Jazz music

David Hondoyedzomba at stage

David Hondoyedzomba the lead singer of the group HD and the Black Way is concerned about the type of reception they are receiving from the media as it is discouraging growth of jazz music artists.

Afro jazz is failing to penetrate and guarantee acceptance among many people in Zimbabwe especially among the youths because it is not getting enough publicity from the media as well as promoters said Hondoyedzomba.

The self styled musician said the media and promoters have a big role to play in promoting Afro jazz music in the country.

“Afro jazz music finds it hard to become popular among the youths and upcoming artists in the country because little is being done to promote it.

“Young and upcoming artists are disserting the genre not because they do not like it but they find it difficult to create a name of their own with such type of music,” said Hondoyedzomba.

He further illustrated that jazz music is luxurious music that although it can be hard to break the ground it is a genre that is more paying than other genres.

The media also has a big role to play in promoting the genre; it is the all forms of media that can contribute to the promotion of jazz music. In Zimbabwe when the media writes or talks about music, it mostly about Zimdancehall and other genres, he said.

“There is little or no news/music on jazz in most radio and TV shows.

“Newspaper and online publishing has followed suit in terms of covering jazz music, hence less 
exposure to the public,” said Hondoyedzomba.

Hondoyedzomba will be launching his fourth album with his HD and the Black Way band on Saturday 10 March under OyOsMusic brand in partnership with Star FM at Time and Jazz Cafe, titled HD.

Although they have three albums to their name they are still introducing themselves to the public he stressed.

He said, “We have three albums to our name so far but I do not have a support base for now that is because of the publicity we obtain from the media as well as promoters.

“I am confident that this time we are going to make it through OyOsMusic and Star FM and be able to draw promoters our way,” said Hondoyedzomba.

Chikanamombe is one of the tracks that will certainly make many audiences go wild because it has a dancing tune and good melody in it, so fans should brace for a jovial show, guaranteed Hondoyedzomba.

The whole tracks of the album can be purchased on OyOsMusic platform soon after the launch simply visit www.oyosmusic.co.zw   
group members performing

group members performing

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