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Friday, 16 March 2018

Alexio Kawara speaks on new album

Alexio Kawara on Stage
It has been over three years now since he released his last album, Alexio Kawara mentioned that he is working on to release a new one which will be his 6th  offering due to public demand.

“I am definitely releasing a new album in 2018. I want take my music to a diversified local and global audience as well as reassert my position in the top echelons of the music industry in Zimbabwe and take the global stage head on.

He said he wants to expand his business territory by venturing and tapping into other revenue generating pursuits and not to rely solely on music performance and sales as his sole source of living.

Alexio turns 40 this year in November and in celebration of his birthday he will be launching a number of community support initiatives in conjunction with some of his friends in the corporate sector.

“We are still tying up the necessary and attendant imperatives in that regard and will share at an appropriate time,” he said.

He refused the notion that he is fading away stating that it is a very subjective assumption or observation.

“In a way, the consistent release of new material keeps the name alive but I believe in releasing music that will stand the test of time, music that has a meaning and music that impact positively on people's lives in a short and long term span of their lives.

“I would like to confirm that Alexio Kawara is much alive in the music industry. We still perform to packed full house and we have a busy schedule with corporate bookings,” said Alexio.

He said greatest challenge which he shares with his fellow musicians is that of piracy, which is similar to stealing from the musician.

“It’s an infringement of intellectual property rights and dispossess the artist of the fruits of their hard work,” said Alexio.

However artists are encouraged to join OyOsMusic where their music can be sold online anywhere in the world in an effort to counter piracy.

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